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Easy access to
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True Lines

of credit from $10K – $5mm


repayment term, resets after each withdrawal


customizable weekly payments


receive your money within seconds –  24/7.*

What is a business line of credit and how does it work?

A business line of credit is a type of funding that allows you to borrow from a set amount of money. You’re given a credit limit, and within it you can draw what you need, when you need it. You only pay interest and fees on what you borrow.

Compared to a term loan, a business line of credit is typically used to cover recurring business expenses or bridge cash flow gaps. With Capital Gurus, you replenish your available funds as you repay what you borrow. This is known as a revolving business line of credit. To help you build your credit, we report your payment history to the business credit bureaus.


Only pay for what you borrow

Withdraw what you need, when you need it. You’ll only be charged interest on the funds you draw.


Instant funding, no questions

Receive your money within seconds when you make a withdrawal — 24/7, even on nights and weekends.*


Build business credit

We report to business credit bureaus, which helps build business credit with on-time payments.


From $10,000 up
to $5,000,000

We offer extended lines of credits with the dollar amount going up to $2,000,000 for your flexibility.

Are we a match?

1 year

in business, at least.


personal FICO score.


in gross annual revenue.


checking account.

If you are full of why’s and what’s…

Check our consolidated list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate our lines of credit.

With a Capital Gurus – Line of Credit, draws are consolidated into one loan with one easy weekly payment. As you pay back your principal, you replenish available funds. Unlike most other online lenders, our line of credit comes with no draw fees (just a monthly maintenance fee). Adjust the payment amount and term to ensure a comfortable weekly payment.

There are some times when you could really use access to additional funds. Based on your cash flow, net income and payback history, you may be eligible for a credit line increase.

The total cost of your line of credit will vary based on a number of factors, including your personal and business credit scores, time in business and annual revenue and cash flow.§

You may have a project that could benefit from other types of small business loans beyond your business line of credit. At Capital Gurus we understand, and we offer term loans that provide lump-sum funding up to $250,000. Reach out to your dedicated loan advisor if you think a term loan could help your business.

We report your payments to business credit bureaus so that every time you pay on time, you’re helping your business build a strong credit profile.

Secured business line of credit. This type of line of credit requires businesses to put up specific assets as collateral. Since a line of credit is a short-term liability, lenders typically ask for short-term assets, like accounts receivable or inventory.

Unsecured line of credit. While this type of line of credit doesn’t require specific collateral, your lender will likely place a general lien on your business and require a personal guarantee from you. You’ll likely need a stronger credit profile to qualify and interest rates may be higher. Additionally, keep in mind that unsecured lines of credit typically come with a lower credit limit.

Revolving line of credit. With this type of line of credit, you replenish your available funds as you repay what you borrow. This gives you access to future funding without needing to reapply. Capital Gurus business line of credit is a revolving line of credit.

Non-revolving line of credit. A non-revolving line of credit is just like a revolving line of credit except your available funding doesn’t replenish as you make payments. You’re given a capped credit limit, and when you reach that amount, you exhaust your funding.

Eligibility Criteria

for obtatining a Line of Credit at Capital Gurus®

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