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Why partner with Capital Gurus?

You’ll close more loans

Instantly expand your reach. Connecting with our network of 30 million borrowers, gives you access to high intent leads you won’t see anywhere else. It’s like adding an entire marketing department to your company overnight.

Your customers know us

We invented online loans marketing. Nearly 75% of your audience already knows us. We’ve built a trusted brand that converts information-seekers into genuine prospects.

Hands-on lender support & training


Account Management

We’re in this together! As a Capital Gurus lender, you’ll receive ongoing support and expertise from a Capital Gurus account manager to help your business grow and succeed.

Capital Gurus University

Get sales and leadership training courses built on a practical, proven, systematic approach to the sales and management process, plus consulting services for your individual business.

How does it actually work?

We match merchants with borrowers

Through our network we will actively reach out to businesses that may be looking for financing. They will apply through our website filling out all of the questions and we connect them with you.

Multiple filters for more flexibility

Our leads are highly-qualified and have to go through an extensive form before we connect them with you. Based on your business needs, we can adapt the leads that we send to you.

Maximize your ROI – up to 3x better than competition*

We have statistical data from our performance and other providers in the industry which means that we can confidently say that we are performing about 3x better than them.